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Professional web design, fully optimized for your specific needs.


Go to our high security Design Pages to order at: Design                     *Go to the Custom Design Division of PLANET WEBSTAR

There are many reasons why our clients need or want a website. Obviously, business websites are one of our most popular services. But have you considered having a personal site? Personal sites can be super fun, and unlike back in the day, it is relatively simple to get a personal website up and running. Gone are the days when one has to learn Dreamweaver or XML. We will not lie, there is a small learning curve. But we mean small! Literally, in about an hour you can have your basic website live on the Internet. Then, all you need to do is fill it with content every day, week, month or how ever often you wish.

Why would anyone want a personal website? After all, there is Facebook and Twitter out there. There are many reasons. For one, if you are someone who uses Facebook a lot, then you know that you are subject to whatever design changes Facebook makes. Often, there is not even any notice! For another, timelines are not the only way to organize a website. With one of our personal website templates, you can decide where you want your main pictures to go, if you want to have a blog or not, and if you want others to respond to what you post. Maybe you do not want every one of your “friends” to have the ability to make a comment on what you post.

Wordpress is often used as a personal website. But did you know how complicated and frustrating it is to  figure out how to get the plug-ins and design you want? Also, WordPress is a bit pricey, especially given the difficulty level. Then, often when one sees a design they like, it is one that  has to be paid for. It is not free. Here at Planet Webstar we can provide you with a much simpler and less expensive way to get your personal site up and running. And you will love the templates we have to choose from. We can tell you how to get great images for free for your site, as well as help you upload your own pictures to your website. We are technical experts on this stuff and we will be here to help you, always.

Grow your business, start a blog, or just be creative by being online. With our beautiful templates, drag and drop functions and intuitive navigation, you will never miss out on a customer. You will have your website running and visible for all in minutes and there’s no need for coding or technical skills. We have hundreds of spectacular and professional templates available to choose between.

If you are looking for a business website, we truly have everything you need, and we are up to date with the latest needs as the technology changes.

With our very simple builder for websites, you’ll have a fully customizable and gorgeous website in no time at all. Our website builder has all the features you could need to have a website that suits your exact business so you attract the perfect customers. You will never be stuck for a design as we have 2,000+ designs and more than 300 templates to find something for your exact needs.

Dynamic websites for mobile devices is now essential but you don’t need to do anything extra. We will do all the converting for you to make sure your website can be viewed on all the latest smartphones, whether they run on Android, iPhone or Blackberry. Increase your customer purchase potential with a mobile-friendly website. - Tell me more...

Planet WebStar Custom Design Division

Professional Custom Website Design, Creative Ad Design, Graphic Design, Logos, Letter Heads, and etc.

Not looking for template based website building wizard to start things up and don't care to do any grunt work associated with it? Do you need custom graphic design work done? Need a logo or logo redesign? Have you made your business cards or letterheads yet? Do you need an advertisement created for a print campaign? The Custom Design Division of PLANET WEBSTAR is what you need. - Tell me more...


Non Custom Work - Please go to our High Security Design Pages to browse more or to place your order.

Go to our high security Design Pages to order at:

Go to our high security Design Pages to order at: Go to our high security Design Pages to order at: Go to our high security Design Pages to order at:

Go to our high security Design Pages to order at:

Custom Design Department at PLANET WEBSTAR send

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