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PLANET WEBSTAR's Testimonials for Custom Web Design, Web Hosting, Graphic Design, Domain Names, SSL Security, SEO, SEM, Email Services, Web Tools and so much more!

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"Planet Webstar sure knows how to make things simple and easy. I had my site up and running in just 20 min. Still trying to figure out all the extras that came with my hosting plan. So many choices to choose from. I love all the options and how flexible everything is. So fun!"
Thomas Norahn - Los Angeles, California 09/06/09
"It sure is nice to finally be dealing with a professional company. Planet Webstar helped me set up my new account and made a seamless transfer of all my domains to their services with absolutely no downtime on my websites! I will definitely be telling my friends about the great products, services and professional customer service rep's Planet Webstar offers."
Sharron Ryan - Dallas, Texas 11/03/09
"Planet Webstar showed me how I could save over $300 a year using the same exact services I had with another domain hosting company. I was a bit leery as to whether or not they could supply the same level of service I had before if I switched to Planet WebStar. Well... Here I am writing a testimonial for them a year later. Thanks for the savings and excellent service Planet WebStar. You guys are AWESOME!"
Patrick Ellioten - Los Angeles, California 12/14/09
"The internet force is with me! Planet Webstar's Website Building Machine made it so easy for me to get my website up and running. I have an e-commerce website that is already taking orders and making me positive cash flow. Woot Woot!"
Jack McSimmons - San Diego, California 01/09/10
"I highly recommend Planet Webstar! They know what's up and how to make it happen. I own a marketing, advertizing company and had the pleasure of meeting one of their programmers heading home on a flight from Los Angeles. He gave me the 411 on Planet WebStar and the industry as a whole. I have been a customer now for two plus years and have personally referred 23 companies I work with to them, with a combined savings of $11,587. To date all are very satisfied with Planet Webstar and I love the fact that they help make my company look like a STAR."
Robert Jackson - New York City, NY 02/29/10
"Planet Webstar helped me fix my website that another company messed up severely. They obviously didn't know what they were doing and left me in jeopardy of losing some of my domain names too. Thanks to Planet WebStar all is well now. Planet WebStar rocks! Sending a BIG THANK YOU!"
Timothy - San Diego, California 04/02/10


"Wow! No hidden fees, extra charges or long term contracts. They actually billed me exactly what they said they would and gave me exactly what I wanted with some bonus extras :) Six months later I'm still amazed at what they have done for me. I wish every company operated with the ethics and integrity that Planet Webstar does."
Julie Brown - St. Louis, MO 05/24/10
"With my business being over 20 years old and the digital marketing being what it is now, I was looking for a web hosting service that was not only affordable but straightforward. Planet and it’s team was amazing, for under $7 a month I am able to host my site with them and my employees emails. I know what to expect and everything is tight knit, and I know if I have a question I am going to get someone here in the California area. I can’t thank them enough for their support and assistance by hosting my site! The free Facebook and Bing credit were a plus too, they helped bring in customers I never would have gained prior!"
Sarah J. - Los Angeles, California 08/08/10
"I love the simplistic and quality Planet Webstar offers! When I needed a way to inquire about my potential domain name I turned to these guys. In seconds I was able to search my domain name and a list of potential names, along with similar one like mine so I could protect my brand on the global market. They're much more affordable than GoDaddy, and even Google which is really impressive. Plus, I had search options for similar names, and alternative sites by regions around the world. Such a good feature for me and my business and it expands and grows internationally, it’s all in one place and I don’t have go to dozens of sites to research and purchase them. Can’t thank them enough!"
Brad Jefferson - Des Moines, IA 09/21/10
"Every business needs Planet Webstar! I was needing several email addresses for my businesses sales, customer service, inquires, and each for my employees. At just $2.50 a month my company is saving big time! Myself and my employees have all our own contact emails plugged on all of our devices smartphone, tablet, browsers, desktop client, etc. Plus, some in one for managers, and myself. Now my business has a more professional appeal, my employees (including myself) saving time, and are now more effective. We never have to worry about running out of storage, or customer service is available ANY time if me, or my staff has as any questions. They’ve helped me take my business to the next level all for less than a cup of coffee!"
Jack McSimmons - San Diego, California 11/03/10
"My online shop started to really grow but I noticed some validity issues with alot of other online shops that “appeared safe and secure” but were really scamming customers, and I didn’t want to turn-off customers to my site because it didn’t have https:// security for them to see for themselves. Getting my security and warranty for SSL under $27 was a steal, and a drop in the bucket compared to Planet’s other competitors. It’s great knowing that my site is not only protected from hackers, but my customers can see that my site is secure and it’s shown! My sales are up 5% since last month and I owe it all to Planet for providing me with SSL! Thanks! :)"
Mike Moss - Orlando Florida 02/28/11


"Coming from something with ZERO web design knowledge these guys are true saints! A follow friend of mine launched his own online business with Planet Webstar and after seeing just how cost effective and professional his site was I headed right over to these guys to better enhance my “self designed” old business site. It was never getting sales, or traffic at all. Was also nice to know that with the month price I got perks like free hosting, email, search tools, and support that I was paying for at other places. I was able to cancel all my old services and just pay one monthly fee here. My sites never looked better, and sales are starting to come in! I only wish I had found these guys sooner, really impressed."
Shawn Douglass - San Jose, California 05/10/11
"I was paying my web designer hundreds of dollars a month just to have him “edit” my site. I felt a little behind the times because everyones on mobile devices and my website didn’t even have that feature. I found Planet through a local search and was happy to see they were a pretty local and run by real people I could call and speak with. After just a few minutes of talking to these guys, they assisted me in getting the best plan for my website. I went from spending $300 a month to under $10 and I am getting more out of what I have now between all the technology requirements than ever before. Now I have enough in email accounts, free photos, and pages so that as my site grows my plan can handle the increases. No more having to worry about costly edits, and upgrading plans in the future. Planet Webtar gave me everything I needed and is saving me a fortune!"
Jessica Mller - Santa Fe, NM 06/22/11
"My skate shop was really suffering after the online shopping boom. I was getting less foot traffic in my stores, and my lease was only getting more difficult to pay. A friend recommended I close up shop, and launch my brand online. They told me about Webstar, and figured I had nothing to lose. $30 cost less than the price of gas to get me to my shop every week, and packed up all my products and started selling at-home to a scene online. I was surprised how many international customers were interested in my products as well. The bonus of having social media features, and credit for search engines I don’t have to pour money into marketing because they provide it for me. These guys saved me and my shop!"
Tommy Masters - Omaha, NE 8/11/11
"Running a growing social media site there has already been a few hackers trying to steal and hurt my consumers identity. I never wanna risk my consumers trust or companies that provide me an income through our targeted marketing. SSL certification has really helped my site, and my marketing inquiries from companies have actually increased as a result. Security is my number one priority and Planet Webstar has provided that and more. Thank you, I’m recommending you to everyone I know!"
Raymond Glending - SLC, Utah 10/03/11
"Never considering my small business site would be a target I never thought to get security. I made that mistake and my site was compromised, and a few customers “purchased” items and had their transaction funds stolen. It was a nightmare, and could have easily ruined my entire online reputation! The green browser bar is a perfect way to provide a safe image with my customers, it’s an exclusive look. The $250,000 warranty is more than enough for my business, and the free malware scanning is a great way to see who and what is trying to compromise my business. Don’t make the same mistake I did, get premium security today!"
Alison S. - Las Vegas, Nevada 11/11/11
"Other domain sites got too pricey and I was looking for alternative cheaper price to renew my domain for next year. These guys made it easy and love that my sites emails are all accessible in one place. The auto-renewal feature is great, and convenient. Planet works for me, and the best interest of it’s customers. I know this because when I had a few questions my wait time was minimal, and a real tech answered. Having US tech support is impressive and shows they truly mean good business."
James Hawkman - San Diego, California 01/15/12


"I was ready to expand my business internationally and wanted to create international web domains for my business. I didn’t have any knowledge of other sites that the traditional .com, .org, and .net. One search and they provided the list for me free, and I LOVED that I was able to get the websites in each countries languages. Now my international sites are geared toward their native people, and is more user friendly. Simple. Easy. Affordable. I can’t recommend them this service enough. Thanks!"
Therese Hotzen - Sacramento, California 04/29/12
"Planet is hands down THE BEST SITE! Nobody in the internet market can beat unlimited hosting, email, speed services for $15 a month. I mean come on?! Plus, FREE malware Scanner, SSL Certificate, and fixed IP address?? A service of this caliber used to cost me several hundred each month from a major web hosting company (which I’ll keep nameless, LOL.) $150 worth of free social marketing is incredible as well. You don’t get this kind of service anywhere else. The web hosting cloud is top of the line, and I HIGHLY recommend it!"
Tiffany A. - Las Vegas, Nevada 06/18/12
"I needed some strategic ad placement for search sites that were going to target my specific customers search for restaurants in my area. I didn’t have to worry about design because they created custom ad, and Planet’s team managed and designed a page for me. The best part was I was able to calculate an ad budget that's right for my company. I show a major increase phone calls, reservations, emails and traffic into my restaurant. More effective than any billboard, or street sign I’ve ever spent money on. They come highly recommended, and have saved me thousands of dollars in marketing."
James Jetters - Las Cruces, NM 08/22/12
"I needed a boost in my online business since noticing that my previous site wasn’t getting the hits in traffic through popular search engines. I didn’t know the first thing about “SEM” but I knew Plant Webstar would, since I had purchased other online services from them before and had much success. They have a low monthly plan (under $2) to help the search marketing grow. It was only a week or two when I noticed many new customers scattered around the world looking into my online business and contacting me services. I don’t know how they do it! They’re very professional, and they mean business. Awesome work!"
Michelle Moren - Houston, Texas 09/15/12
"Being self-employed and having something like as a contact email address is really unprofessional. The price of .82 cents it’s the best way to brand myself and and appear to my clients as a serious business individual. I love that I have online storage so there’s no need to worry if I lose material on my phone or computer. My custom email is integrated in my phone providing me with full accessibly as I travel on business, plus the calendar function is great too!"
Jon Heenan - Dallas, Texas 11/07/12
"I had already had much success selling on eBay, but I wanted to draw my customers to my own site so that I can eliminate the cost of fees, extra photos, and all the other cuts that these major sites take from small-business owners like myself. My site now offers all the same shipping and payment options that are provided by the these major companies. Now I can manage my own items. There’s no worry of extra costs for personalization my shop, with colors, and multiples photos. Thank you for a seamless transition!"
Kirby Marrow - Las Vegas, Nevada 01/27/13


"I was looking for a one stop shop and I found it with Planet Webstar. They hooked with up with 8GB of cloud memory, processing speed to match, my companies own IP address, and SSL certification. My accounting firm couldn’t be more bullet proof. My clients are safe and with no worry about malware, or losing important data with cloud storage. They’re able to access updates on my site and if I have any issues myself I can call Planet’s team anytime for assistance. I’ve never been happier!"
Frank Fischer - Las Vegas, Nevada 03/16/13
"Time and time again I tried to market myself via social media with no luck. Even purchasing Facebook ad boost didn’t seem to work either. Being that the social media market is so vital to my business (the virtual work of mouth) I needed a way to get customers to see me and get engaged in my page updates and to my website. Planet’s team was able to help with me with this and so much more. I started seeing engagement after just a few days and people started flocking and talking about my products! I owe you guys so much!"
Chuck Quigley - Los Angeles, California 04/22/13
"This company really helped me gain a ton of traffic and eventual sales by optimizing SEO. Having a successful business no longer requires having a huge staff and webmasters. They offer a simple, cost-effective way of really getting people to come to your site. This is an investment that will pay for itself exponentially. I’ve recommended Planet to several of my friends and they’ve also seen a huge increase in traffic and sales with their online companies. I highly recommend them and their services."
Linda Pennington - Las Vegas, Nevada 06/03/13


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